The 9th China Symposium "German-Chinese cooperations in healtcare - driver of innovation" at the Capital Congress in Berlin takes place on 08th June 2016, 14:00 till 16:00 o'clock, at the CityCube in Berlin.




28th Annual Meeting of the DCGM & CDGM on the 02nd and 03rd October 2015 at the „Kaiserin-Friedrich-Stiftung“, Robert-Koch-Platz 7, 10115 Berlin


The 28th Annual Meeting of DCGM and CDGM will take place on the 02nd and 03rd October 2015 at the Kaiserin-Friedrich-Stiftung, Robert-Koch-Platz 7, in Berlin. The congress president is Prof. Bert Rürup. The program this year will focus on the main issues of the joined actionplan, decided at the third intergovernmental consultations between China and Germany 2014 in Berlin.


The main topics of the conference are:

• Current issues of health reforms in China and Germany
• Communicable diseases
• Hospital Management and Quality Management
• New technologies


The workshop on "Communicable diseases" - also a main topic of the intergovernmental consultations - will be designed in collaboration with the University Hospital Essen. It should be emphasized that the Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe has confirmed his participation and will present on current issues in health care reform in Germany.

An interesting program with well-known experts from China and Germany is currently concerted. The preliminary draft and the registration form are available below.


We look forward to your participation in the conference.


Information on the conference:

Friday, 02/10/2015 8:30 bis 18:30 clock
Saturday, 3/10/2015 8:30 bis 13:30 clock


large lecture hall
Robert-Koch-Platz 7, 10115 Berlin


Registration is required until the 15th September 2015!



The China Symposium "German-Chinese cooperation in healtcare: Demographic change - a new approach to concepts of supply" at the Capital Congress in Berlin takes place on 10th June 2015 at the CityCube in Berlin.


Demographic change in both countries Germany and China and the changes resulting in morbidity and life circumstances will be the topic of the event. Due to the prevalence of chronic diseases especially in the last stages of life, the requirements are changing for acute medical care, rehabilitative and nursing care associated with social responsibility towards the affected groups. Changing family patterns and changes in the structure of the world of work provide a new framework for societies in Germany and China. Different cultural backgrounds and existing structures in the previous landscape of care make high demands on the future organization of a patient-oriented integrated care for the aging population. Existing experiences and new concepts from both countries will be presented and discussed.

Programme (German)


Application until 13 May 2015 (German)



Medical Clerkship 2016 (Closing date for applications was the 15th of February 2016)


For medical students: Opportunities for clinical training in China

The "Deutsch-Chinesische Gesellschaft für Medizin (DCGM eV)" has the purpose to promote Sino-German relations in medical science, in particular through the exchange of scientists, physicians, students as well as the exchange of experience concerning the development and expansion of health care to the population. In this regard, the Company has provided jointly with its partner company in Wuhan / China a clinical training for over 500 medical students from Germany in China

In 2016 the German-Chinese Medical Society will
again offer possibilities for medical students to conduct their medical clerkship in China.

Application requirements are :

  • studying medicine,
  • who passed the first exam,
  • experiences in medical clerkship
  • and English language skills


The DCGM granted a travel allowance.

We point out that for an application for funding by the DAAD an application has to be made early via the respective university.

Applications for a clinical internship in China should be addressed to the German-Chinese Medical Society (DCGM eV), Tiergartentower, Straße des 17 Juni 106-108, 10623 Berlin, Germany.

You will find more information and reports under the topic exchange programmes.

For further information please contact our office in Berlin:


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