Working Groups


Palliativ Care


The Deutsch-Chinesische Gesellschaft für Medizin and the Chinese-German Society of Medicine express their mutual wish for equal cooperation in the development of Palliative Care. Therefore, a special working group on Palliative Care has been founded in January 2017. Both partners aim to promote Palliative Care in the People’s Republic of China by complementing the Ministry of Health in creating structures to establish a well-functioning health care system for patients suffering from life-limiting and incurable diseases.


The collaboration aims to create a basis to foster Palliative Care education by organising special trainings for physicians, nurses and other professionals working in the field. Therefore, the partners will explore the options for cooperation in education and training. In 2012 and 2013, a model course for Palliative Care was performed at the Peking University People’s Hospital. Based on the experiences of this course further educational activities organised by both partners should follow.


Joint research projects shall follow to deepen the mutual understanding of as well differences and similarities of challenges in Palliative Care in both countries. Both societies, represented by the new working group on Palliative Care, will analyse the current status of Palliative Care in the People’s Republic of China and assess the needs for the future development of Palliative Care. Cooperation will include organisational development towards a master plan on promotion and nationwide implementation of Palliative Care in the People’s Republic of China.


Furthermore, the partners will discuss further research interests, exploring options for joint research projects. This discussion may cumulate in an agenda for joint research of both partners.



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