The German-Chinese Society for Medicine e.V. was founded on 26.6.1984. The foundation of the German-Chinese Society of Medicine (DCGM) by the German Medical Association and its Hans Neuffer Foundation in Cologne was followed by the foundation of the Chinese-German Society of Medicine (CDGM) in November 1984 with its headquarters at Tongji Hospital, Wuhan.



The society aims to promote German-Chinese relations in medical science, especially through the exchange of scientists, doctors and students, as well as the exchange of experience in the development and expansion of medical care for the population.

As non-profit organisations, the German-Chinese Society for Medicine and its partner society in Wuhan have been performing an important bridging function between Germany and China for more than 36 years, in particular through joint events and exchanges on scientific-medical topics as well as health-economic and health-policy issues that are of great importance to both countries – in view of similar challenges in the health sector.
The society is also a platform that brings together excellent expert knowledge because of this established basis of trust.